Monday, January 20, 2014


Saturday was a beautiful day in Oklahoma. Warm but windy. Grass fire danger. It's not too bad this year. 

Our Dave called and asked if we would come to Davis to have BBQ with him. At the famous Smokin Joes. 

Our Lynn and Keith took us. 

There was a line there but we didn't have to wait long. We got to the table and had a good time taking pictures. 

Our Dave and his friend Lynn. We have a Lynn so this's Lynn is Lynn from Sulphur. 

Our Lynn and her dad Jerry. Selfies are fun but where do you look to get the best picture. 

Me and Our Lynn. I really had to work the head position to keep the double chin from showing so badly. 

And Our Keith. One if the few pictures we have if him. Keith is a really nice person. And I love him like he was one of mine from birth. 

Food finally came. We ate--we talked--we had a really good time. 

Hope your Saturday was as good as ours. 

More later, Linda