Thursday, January 30, 2014


Have you ever made a mistake?  Well, that not a good way to put it. Have you ever made a mis--step?

You know when you think that the floor is closer than it actually is?  or when there doesn't seem like there is any bottom and your very toes keep aching to find that FIRST feeling of solidarity??

I am known to myself -- if no one else -- as Miss Klutz.

I was thinking about when we had our Christmas play at the church.  It was so good. They had even enlarged the platform to make the walking area bigger and more straight .  You know the front of the platform was rounded and then they straighten it off and put carpet on it to match what was already there.

The carpet is red.  Pretty and it must be industrial for all the walking that's done there.

Anyway the only part of the platform that had been straighten was the top.

No one said anything about that.

There are no markers of ANY kind to tell us that the steps are still rounded and not any higher than they were to begin with.

I stepped off.

I thought my toes were NEVER going to find a toe hold.!!

YIKES that was a long way.

And even though I am an old lady. It didn't do anything to my lumbar or sacroiliac or anything else.

It sure took my breath away.

And my toes were in trauma for a while.

More later, Linda