Friday, January 3, 2014

Home ALONE!! Oh NO !!

Today I finally got Jerry to the doctors office. He's been coughing and having problems breathing. I think it's pneumonia. 

Believe it or not , the doctors office doesn't let furry people in. I can never figure out that one. 

So, Sarah is at home. By herself. 

I wonder what she's been doing??

I know for a fact that she's gotten into the trash can right by Jerry's recliner. And she's probably barked at sounds outside. Maybe she's had a nap. Or two. Make that three or more naps. 

Whatever she's done she will say--it's like this and then begin a running dialogue of what and why and when and where and how. 

Sarah said--it's like this-- someone came in and so I hid under the bed. I didn't do it!!!

Would that lie to me!!


More later, Linda