Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sarah is po'd

Sarah is a sweetie. She gives us so much joy!! She rolls in the grass time after time. She barks at the trash truck but not the pickup truck. There is one motorcycle she goes crazy over. And she sleeps in Jerry's lap and has to have the Western Channel on. 

She also snuggles up in the covers and puts her body where she can touch both of us. She washes our legs whenever and she takes her meds without any problem. 

But sometimes --- 

she is po'd. I have no idea what she is po'd about. 

And she was po'd for quite a while. 

Finally she got her joy back and was back to herself. 

I have decided that female "Furry" people are just like people people. 

Sarah is now 4 so she's a preteen. And she acts like it. All we have to do is love her through it. 

More later,Linda