Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sarah ROLLS!!

Now, I know that the phrase is " She ROCKS!!".  But Sarah--

She rolls!!

In the house--in her bed, make that bedS--and she rolls outside. 

This morning she rolled about 5 maybe 6 times. 

That, in itself, is not a major thing. 

Last summer when the grass was green she rolled down the slight incline from the garage to the swing. She got up and did it again. 

GREEN grass feels good!!

In the winter, grass is brown and DRY. 

Guess what happens when you roll in brown DRY grass??

Grass on the door mat?? That's what!!

I brushed her and thought I got it all but--

Grass on the carpet. 

Jerry is putting on his clothes so he can vacuum the carpet. 


Yesterday he vacuumed 6 times. He can't stand anything on the floor like crumbs or little bits of paper or GRASS. 

As long as he vacuums the carpet, I don't care how many times in a day it gets done!!

More later, Linda