Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Does anyone but me remember Mrs. Clinton screaming "What difference does it make"? at the congressional hearing?

Well, Mrs. Clinton--the difference is this -- because we did NOT let the media know and therefore the rest of the world--that world has decided that America is a coward and now ready to find out the truth about what went on in Benghazi.  And because there was NO media coverage--correction very little coverage--the world has decided that they can do with America what they want to.

Let's just blow up and maim innocent people in BOSTON.

Did these runners and their families do anything to the world. NOT.

All they did was have a marathon race for 116 years. How does that threaten anyone?

Mrs. Clinton explain that to us American citizens!!

Oh, that's RIGHT, you don't like to explain anything -- do you??

More Later, Linda