Sunday, April 28, 2013


AS you know, Sarah has allergies. We took her to the vet and she said to give her antihistamines. Liquid ones about 2 teaspoons full and 1 tablet.

Tablet seemed the best way to go.

 Have you EVERY tried to feed a pill to a furry person??? Well, it AIN'T easy.

No Way, at all!!!

So I tried putting the pill in her food.

Turned up her nose.

Tried putting it in with her snacks.

She went into the other room and got into Jerry's lap!


The light came on.

She LOVES peanut butter.

Put that hummer in some peanut butter.

Went down with the first swipe of her tongue.

Just one LITTLE teeny problem. Those pills make her loopy.

Back to the drawing board. AHHHH!! Half would be better.

So I got out a kitchen knife, and tried to cut this teenincy pill into two EQUAL parts.

I got it to break, but it was abut a third to a two thirds break.

I gave her the smallest piece.

Which turned out to be a good thing!! She slept for about four hours.

She kept changing beds and chairs, and under the table, right next to the closet door, and even in -- should I say it -- HER bed!

Well, I give her about a half now when she starts lickeing her hands--in furry people that a sign of having allergy symptoms.

A half pill in peanut butter and she is not too sleepy, not too licky, and not hyped up!!

Problem solved!!

More later, Linda