Thursday, April 18, 2013

Did you hear??

This morning when i got up our indoor thermometer read 37 degrees. Let's see---Today is April 18 so yesterday was April 17. Usually the temp in Oklahoma in April is 50 in the morning and 65 to 70 as a high. Not this year.

When I worked for the local paper, we put out a filler about the last 100 years. And one article got my attention. It was about the 2 foot snow fall in JULY of 1903.

I think that -- yes global warming has something to do with the polar ice cap being smaller. But I also think that the ice cap melts every hundred years and causes the jet stream to descend lower into the US and makes the temps REALLY strange.

I don't have any proof -- except -- what could have turned the ground around this town WHITE with 2 feet of snow on JULY 4? The jet stream had to have been very low in the US that year or that couldn't have happened.

Any body have any ideas??

More later, Linda