Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What Happened to Yesterday's Blog??

This is too weird! I actually did write a blog yesterday. Spent a lot of time on it.
I don't remember what it was about because I just write what comes into my mind. I think it was about Sarah being sick and Baby Girl being sad about it.

So here are the pictures of the DRAMA queen and her being sick. Actually she got us up early and so we just stayed up. Long time until 11 that night.

And Baby Girl was soooooo sad for Sarah!

Well, today Jerry is sick---well not sick but his right side next to his ribs is hurting. He told me about it on Sunday morning so we stayed home.

This morning it's hurting bad again and he tells me that it has been hurting for about 2 weeks. This is when I want to say-----


He didn't want to worry me, but &%$#& he could have been much better by now!!!

We are going to Doc's office in 10 minutes will let you know what they find out.

More later, Linda