Friday, February 1, 2013


I seem to be a person who is always volunteering for SOMETHING!

I was the mom who was ALWAYS at the school -- helping with something.

I was a volunteer at the hospital.

I was the Girl Scout mom--let the brownies, worked with the cookie drive, took the girls to the summer camp.

All that-- and more.

When Lynn and Dave were in Junior High and High school, I was the mom who took all the kids to practice. All the girls to their practice. And anything else that they thought to do.

I was cheerleader mom for a year AND made their costumes.

I enjoyed every minute!

So, it was really not a surprise when Lynn called me one day," Mom, are you busy?"

I knew something was up!!

It didn't take long for her to tell me about my next volunteering event!!

At our Church this past October, we had a Jesus House walk through thing.

There were six rooms, each with a different scene. It told the story of  3 teens. Some of it even made me cry, and shrink into myself. It was AWESOME!!

Anyway, I digress, had volunteered to do the first room -- because her mom could paint murals. 

I finally remembered that the last one I had done was 15 years ago. I was a lot younger.

October of 2012 was HOT. So I had just a little time each day to paint.

I want to thank Lynn Dakour, Dave Gowan, Lynn Smith, Keith Smith and my wonderful husband for helping me. I couldn't have done it without all of you.

This is what I painted---from the East to the West.

Sorta crooked pictures!! I was too excited. I love doing things like this!!


Do I put in the grass in the foreground. I did a little grass.

The lady in the house behind us came out side to look us over!! OOPS! I forgot about all the perverts that take pictures of schools. YUCK--OO! Had to spend some time calming down her worries.!

The main entrance and the focal point of the painting!

More detail!

I dcided to end here at the west of the picture.

When we finished, We had a seven foot tall and 40 foot long painting.


Thanks to my training I was able to get the perspective pretty good. The kids from Duncan High thought it was good. That's high praise. And it all goes to God!!

More later, Linda