Monday, February 4, 2013


Used to be when you wanted to find your way, you had to get a map.

They were folded at least 100 times into these tiny little slips of paper.

They had all the little towns, communities, lakes, ponds, schools, hilly to mountainous areas and so on, on them.

Wonderful pieces of paper filled with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!

And if you had an imagination, you could go anywhere because you could find it.

I just got off of GOOGLE maps.

It is not the same thing. I have 1 -- that's ONE -- piece of paper. It shows me the road from my house to the place in OKC that we are going to tonight.

No drama, no fun, NOTHING but one place to another.

NOTHING for the imagination -- or to fire the inner spirit.  Not like maps of ten years ago.

They WILL come back- if for no other reason than kids need to FIRE their imaginations to new and exciting things.

When was the last time you had a surge, a spark, a NEED, a GUT wrenching NEED to go somewhere -- if only in your mind.

More later, Linda