Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sarah and the Cell phone

Sarah doesn't really like to have her picture taken.

She is not a photo HOG! The flash must hurt her eyes.

Now I use the phone to take pictures of her whenever I can.

Of COURSE it took her a little time---just a little---to get used to no flash!

Or she could just be shy. NOT!!! Nevry EVERY!! Shy?? Not Sarah!

She is AVOIDING me now!!

Avoidance is NOT good.

We will have to try another way to get her to pose.

Yeah RIGHT!!

Well, this IS better. But she is still AVOIDING the camera.She obviously has decided that she does NOT want that THING pointed at her. Just like a model. One day she likes to have has photo taken and the next FORGET it.Sometimes I think she's a PRIMA DONA!!! You know -- she doesn't want her picture taken and then she does and then she doesn't know WHAT she wants.!!
She is too CUTE!!
More Later, Linda