Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rainy and Frog---no Foggy! DUH!!!

For years we have mimicked our kids and grandkids.

David Ray used to say his cup was emmy when he wanted it filled.

Our daughter called a toothbrush a brushteeth.

Our son call an elbow a hicklebow.

Nonie called things as she saw them.

Andrew was very graphic. Once he was telling me about a movie he had seen. He didn't know who was in it. He did know what it was about, but the best was when he stood up real straight and lifted his right arm into the air and said , "It was one of those movies from that LADY" .

And Tyler was one of those kids who liked to keep things going. When they all came for lunch he would ask questions and go around the table until he got an answer from everyone.

And I have no idea which one of them call FOG -- FROG. Someone did and it stuck.

This year Andrew and Tyler will be 27. They are the youngest in their respective families and the youngest of our grandkids.

We are blessed to have 4 wonderful grandkids and 2 wonderful granddogs!!

More later, Linda