Monday, February 25, 2013


Last night we woke up to thunder. And then the nitelights flickered.

But they came right back on.

So, I have weather on my mind. It has quit raining and the streets are nearly dry---

and the SNOW is on the way.

They -- whoever THEY are -- are telling us that we will have from 1-5 inches of snow.


Then I got to thinking about the amount of water that is put back into the seas when the icebergs melt.

Not much!!

Even though I would love to have lots of moisture---I really DON'T want two feet of snow to get one inch of moisture.

Know what I mean??

I was looking in the archives and I found some pictures of Sarah and the hail we had last year around this time.

At this point it was still hailing!!

BIG hail clumps? drops? stones?

Whatever you call hails!
This is one clump of hail.

Clumps!! That's what they are!

And now we have Sarah's take on the advent of HAIL
Does that tell you how very much she was excited about hail!!


More later, Linda