Saturday, February 2, 2013


I went over this morning to help my friend Betty with her iPhone.

We got some of her problems fixed and she is getting real GOOD with it.

I mean REALLY!!

Then I saw where the new update had been installed but not downloaded---so we had to do that.

And somewhere from when I got there and when we downloaded the update, the wifi got lost!!

I STILL don't know WHERE it went.

I could have gone down a black hole for all I know!!

We worked with it and got some other things installed. Got her weight watchers app installed and she still can't use it because somewhere in the etherworld of her computer she didn't get the weight watchers program used id and password  written down right.

She did put in an email to get them to get back with her and they sent an email back telling her they would  get back on Monday.

TUESDAY may be the prominent day in installing Weight Watchers program.

Then Jerry called and I had to go.

Monday I will tell you what happened to her wifi.

Monday seems to be the best day next week.

More later, Linda