Tuesday, February 19, 2013

THE Rodeo!!!!!

OMG!! Oh my goodness. It was a rodeo.
So there are three of the guys. Jerry in the light hat, Loyd in the black hat, and Mike in the jacket and white shirt. We knew Mike in Farmington. And he worked with our Dave for a while in California.

Lots of horses---cowboys---cowgirls---popcorn---and cotton candy!!

I didn't know it when I got the tickets, but it was the last day of the Stock Show AND the rodeo.
This is the guy who had the monkey strapped to the Border Collie and they penned the sheep. The money is the little red spot on top of the black and white spot.
But there were still LOTS of people there. The stands were full by the time the rodeo started.

The arena was built in 1935 by the WPA (what ever that means) and is in really good shape.

We saw the grand entry. It always makes me cry!! There is just something about the Star Spangled Banner that gets to me every time.

Did not get to see the animals this year. Well, since it was just Mary and me and 5 guys what could I expect. We did see a lot of tractors, four wheelers, and pretty girls in the booths.

The miniature horse and wagon run. I never have figured out how they know which way to go but it is fun to try to figure out who is the winner.
I just was trying out a special effect. This is the hat of the man in front of me.
Ad then came the BULL riding. There really wasn't much bull RIDING that day. Most of it was falling off the bull.

This clown had gotten a concussion the night before. But the show has to go on and he was there but staying WAY back from the action. I don't really blame him.

It was a good day. And in May I get to send off for the tickets for next January.

More Later, Linda