Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sarah LOVES to eat

How many of you out there love Yorkies?

They are cute, LITTLE and have really pretty hair.

And it IS hair and not fur. I spend more on Sarah hair products than I do on mine.

She even goes to the beauty shop.

But Sarah didn't stay 4 pounds, no SHE is 14 pounds. This happens for a reason. I have no CLUE what the reason is, but when we got our first female, her name was Mandy, she was 12 pounds.

At least we won't step on her.

I always worried about Killer when all those kids were around. He was so tiny. But SMART.  He would stay close to the wall or the furniture when Lynn and Dave had their friends over to watch TV.

He was sooooooo cute. When he would bark to go out the front legs would come off the ground. He was too cute.

And OF COURSE, because we are mischievous people, we put a sign up that read "Beware of Dog" .

We brought it home---dogs and sign---and put it up on the front gate.

I have had people call me from their car because of that sign. It is too funny.  Even now.

So here we are with a long haired pooch who loves to eat.

She has to have her chew stick before she goes out in the morning. And she has to have her food in a CLEAN bowl.

Not just a damp rag run around inside to get out the crumbs.


No way AT ALL!!!



It must to be washed with soap and rinsed with warm water and dried with a paper towel.

Well, that's what Jerry tells me anyway. He takes care of that.

I just put the food in the bowl.

But she is cute and cuddly---SOMETIMES.

When she wants something.

If she doesn't want something she sleeps in her bed with the door open.

She is SO goofy!!

More about Sarah and Mandy tomorrow.