Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Australia Here I COME!!!!

Sarah must have had a bad day today.

She didn't get to go out into the garage.

She didn't get to chase the squirrels.

And she did NOT chase the skunk that died in the road.

Actually I think a car hit it.

I am SO happy I don't have to ride in THAT car!!!

Back to Sarah.....

She got ready for bed way too early. Jerry even told her we weren't ready for bed!! That's a first.

But she was ready, actually , more than ready.

I don't know about you, but she looks really po'd to me!!!

And now she is asleep-----which is what she wanted all along.

No --- we did not cover her up. She spent about 10 minutes pulling and tugging and stomping on that blanket.  She went under it.

She went on top of it.

She pulled it with her teeth

And stomped on it with her feet---excuse me her hands!!

And THEN she got under it and walked around about 10 minutes. Fluffing the blanket!!

The next think we knew was her head.

Jerry had to get her out of the blanket and put her in bed.

She is SO spoiled!!

More later, Linda