Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Looking Through Pictures

Are you like I am?  I have a ton of pictures!!

On my phone and on my camera.

I have just figured out how to down---no, that's UPload pictures from the phone to the computer. From the camera to the computer is easy.

Anyway, today we are going to go through some of the pictures.

Let's have some fun!!!

When Lynn took me to DC with her to visit with Nonie, we were in our Jamie Oliver cookbook. So there was this recipe for Roast Lamb.  We found a shank of lamb---we I don't really remember if you can get a lamb roast. It was a big hunk of meat is all I know.

And so we had, Yorkshire puddings as you can see. We also had fennel, and gravy and some other things that I hope Lynn will comment to.

Wonderful how we always talk about food and then get together and eat.

While we were in DC we went to see our cousin Kenneth.

Can you see a family resemblance??? I am snickering even as I type.!!!

Lynn was 9 months old when she last saw Kenneth and I haven't figured out how old I was. Now Kretsinger is not a real common last name. So when I looked on the facebook for Kenneth Kretsinger, I was amazed to find 25 Kenneth Kretsingers.  So I started scrolling down the page. Most people don't have pictures on their facebook profile. About half way down I saw this guy. Went right past it.  Then I scrolled back, he lived in Maryland, he was about the right age and had a link to email him.

So, this is what I wrote.  If your dad was named Bill and your mom was Ellie,  the HELLO Cus!! and he wrote me back. "Hello!! Cousin."

Lynn and he get together every time she goes to DC and he and May are planning a trip to see all the rest of us Kretsingers here and in Texas. It's strange how things work out. Well, really its a God thing!!

And then there's Sarah.  Here she is in 2010. We had just gotten her. Already she weighed more than 4 pounds. And right now she is at 14. Large for a Yorkie, but she is so CUTE!! she does the weirdest things and I just have to take pictures.

The flowers we had at our 50th Anniversary party. Patricia VanDer Breggan got them for us. We had cupcakes instead of cake and Andrew and Lynn made these wonderful finger foods. I can spell that other word. Bacon wrapped haricot verte. Stuffed cherry tomatoes. Lynn stuffed them with ground cooked bacon and lettuce. So we had bacon lettuce and tomato things. WONDERFUL!!!

And then in December we had Jerry's 70th birthday party. From right to left is Donald, Keith, Ruben and Tyler. I cooked a roast and roasted some chicken and all the mashed potatoes than Jerry could eat and leave some for the rest of us.

So that was part of 2010. From February to December.

We cook together and we eat together and we have a good time.

More later, Linda