Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just wondering about some things

Just fill in the blank.

Have you ever wanted to be a pilot?

Not me!!!


I don't think I could ever get into a cockpit and fly a plane.

Have you ever wanted to be a jockey?

Even though I am at the top end of height and way over the weight limit, yes, I think I would like to be a jockey.

Wanna know why???

Well, I like animals. And to be a fantastic jockey a person would have to KNOW what that horse was thinking.  She would have to be so in tune with that horse that she would know what they were thinking and when they were going to move.

Would I ever want to be a teacher??

No, NO, nada, NEVER.  Don't get me wrong---I like kids of all ages. I love to watch little kids do all those funny things that we think are really over the top when they get to be teenagers.

But I am from the old school and I really don't like being treated like the son the the Simpson's show treated his dad.  And let's face it---that's the attitude most of the students have these days.

Do I want to ever work for someone else??


I like MY job!!

More later, Linda