Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jerry was PO'D

As you already know, Sarah sleeps with us.

Mandy slept with us and so did Georgie.

They found their place and they didn't move.

And if you tried to move Mandy, she would growl. Not that short little growl. A long drawn out growl.  Way deep in her throat. Just a warning, but we didn't want to test it. So we did NOT move her.

AT ALL!!!!

Georgie was really flexible about being moved. I could even put her in her bed during the night if I had to. Of course her bed was on top of the night stand. She would sleep in it during the summer months.It got too cold in NM in the winter for her to sleep there.

And then there came SARAH!!

She will sleep on her side in a ball, she sleeps on her side stretched out, she sleeps on her back, she sleeps on her other side.

And ALL that happens in about 20 minutes.

You can imagine what happens in 8 hours!!!!

Do you see any in those eyes???


I just see someone who KNOWS she belongs.

And this is how Jerry woke this morning.

As you can see,  Sarah has the prime spot.

Right in the MIDDLE of his side of the bed!!!

And the pretty pink blanket.  All cozy fleece.

Our Nonie made it for me last year for Christmas. Those are the PINK bows to remind us about the desperate need for a cure to Breast Cancer.

Now Sarah is PO'D.!!!! Because I woke her up!!!

What am I gonna do-----they're both PO'D now!!!

More later, Linda