Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm NOT sharing!!!

Our friend Alice went to visit with her grandson while he was in the hospital and couldn't take her furry person with her. Here is Harley. She is so cute. Now, mind you, she is a few years older. But she is still cute. But Sarah had never been around others since she had left the litter. She used to play with her litter mates, but since she came to be with us she had not had to share anything.

Harley did NOT go over very well.

In fact not at all.

Does this give you an idea of Sarah's acceptance of another in her house.

I think that furry people are just like us. They have their likes and dislikes, they will accept or reject whoever.

And REJECTION is written all over Sarah.

SHE is NOT gonna eat my food.  Or drink my water!!

No way!



What did I do??? I just want someone to play with me because my mama just left me here and I don't know when she's gonna come back.

Well, I guess she can sleep in her bed----coz she's not gonna sleep in mine.  NEVERY EVERY!!!!

Enough said.

Sarah got her way


More later, Linda