Monday, April 15, 2013

RED eye!!

Yesterday after I had put on my makeup I looked into the mirror and saw the most HORRIBLE sight.

RED--right in the corner of my eye. So I took a mental inventory of symptoms and there were none.No hurting or sharp pain, no watering, no blurry vision. NADA!!

So we went to lunch with the kids.  They were taking us out to lunch for our anniversary. We got there first and the waitress was told to bring him the check. She and Lynn had a talk and she said she had to give him the check since he asked for it first. I like that girl!! She had to do it, but I would tell that she really wanted the kids to pay for the anniversary lunch.

Last night Jerry had a chicken pot pie and I had -- uh--something!

We had a really good day yesterday, not anything fancy, not much going on in the afternoon. But I didn't have to get out in the sunshine with my eye like it is.

I digress!!ME??? YES!!

This morning I got up and called our friend the eye doc and he tells me that it happens alot and it will take about 10 days for it go go away. Here I am now, telling everyone who wants to know that if your eye looks like someone slugged you. But you don't have a bruise all the way around your eye. It's probably not something to worry about. NO pain, No blurry vision---probably a broken vessel---BUT go to the eye doc just to make sure.

More later, Linda