Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wanna know something??

I really like to write this blog. I like putting things down on paper -- well, it's not paper -- and just gathering all sorts of information for my kids to read.

I also like to read my blog.

Last year our Lynn had the blog printed for me and I found some of the entries VERY funny. Some not so funny and some just kinda sad.

But isn't that what life is all about?  All of the differences.?

So that brings me to something else. I've been thinking during this Christmas season what it would be like to have "it" all.

What does that mean exactly??

Clothes---shoes---handbags---jewels---anything and everything that has or will be made?

Will that make me happier??

Or will it be the times when I watch Sarah do out to do her business and she starts by going left--close to the house---turns to the south and makes it about half way and turns to the west.

Of course, being me I have made it like it would be a US map and so this is the way it is.

Sarah starts out going to Southern California---travels up the West Coast to San Francisco---turns and goes to North Dakota and then on up to Nova Scotia to do her business.  Or sometimes she goes from Southern California across the south and up the East coast to North Carolina to do her business.

She is quite the traveler!!!

I think this is what really makes me happy. It sure makes Jerry laugh!!!

More Later, Linda