Friday, December 13, 2013

This Morning!!

This morning I got up and did a little reading and had some quiet time.  About the time I was ready to get some coffee, Jerry got up.

And then Sarah got up.

She went outside to do her business and then she came back in and jumped up into Jerry's lap.

Put her head down and went to sleep AGAIN.

Then an hour rocked around and Jerry got some of those peanut butter crackers he loves so much.

Well, THAT woke her up.

I really should NOT be showing this pic of Jerry. His hair is NOT combed. And that is something he never does.--- go without combing his hair.

Here is Sarah -- trying to act like she isn't into something.  But the "cookies" are on that side table. 

And after the snack.  She got cold -- Jerry said -- so he covered her with the baby blanket.

They are just TOO cute.

More later, Linda