Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Recipes are for changing

I found this AMAZING recipe for black eyed pea salsa from the new Pioneer Woman cookbook. 

So, I went to WalMart and got the ingredients. 

Well---kinda sorta!!

I did get the Japaleno pepper. And the red bell pepper. But I used white onion and not the little green onions. I already had the onion. 

I also used frozen peas which I cooked in bacon flavored water. They are field peas. They look and taste like black eyes. 

Peas-peppers-cucumber-celery tops, leaves and all. 

The top of the stalk. Yummmmooo!!

Japaleno.. Jerry can't eat real hot things but he does like the flavor. So I----

Slice them down the middle, take 

the seeds and white membrane out. Flavor but no heat!!!

Added the juice of a lime and stirred it up. 

Will let you know how it is tomorrow. 

More later, Linda