Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's COOKIES!!~!

Sometimes I wonder about things in general. I am not a fidgety person. I don't dwell on things. I just kinda let them take care of themselves.

But the COOKIE thing had me stumped.

When I was pregnant with our Lynn, one Sunday Jerry went to church without me because I didn't feel too well. Anyway, he came home and told me that the Sunday school class was having a party later in the week at the preacher's house. And I was to being cookies.

Well, in THOSE days NO one brought store bought to a party. It wa all done from scratch. I worked hard on those cookies and they were REALLY good.

I took the cookies with me and proudly carried them into the house where the party was.

EVERYONE else had made CUPCAKES with scrumptious icing and decorated them with little Christmas trees and they looked so good.  .

I had made cookies.

I was really low. But the preacher's wife made like it was no big deal.

And all the cookies were eaten -- so that proved they were good -- didn't it???

Jerry still calls everything cookies -- not cake or pie -- but anything dessert that you hold in your hand and eat.

This is a cookie. I call them peanut butter crackers. Sarah on the other hand calls the just plain Good!!!

AHHHH!! Come on DAD just a little bit. PLEASE????

She has been know to try to take cookies out of his mouth!!

That's my girl and my husband who calls everything COOKIES!!

I still think it's funny. I still laugh about it and he still calls everything that's dessert that you hold in your hand a CooKiE!!!

Gotta love it.

More later, Linda