Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sarah is not Like ANYONE else

I know that everyone says the same about their FURRY people of either species. That being DOGS or CATS.

We don't do cats at our house because Jerry grew up on the farm and all the cats lived in barns and never had shots. Of any kind. That means Rabies was always on their minds. So cats always were said to carry rabies. DON'T pick them up and don't bring them in the house. Rabies and ring-worms were rampant.

And then we got married and found 2 puppies. Cute little things. We had to get rid of them because they were too much to take care of.

Then someone gave us this cute little thing with ears that stood out like a Sundaygun. He was so cute. One night an insurance man came and when he came in the door the dog went out.

And got run over.

No dog----not dogs FURRY people came to live with us for a long time.

When Dave was six friends from church gave us their little mutt.  Mitzi was her name. She did NOT like men. She liked Jerry and loved Dave, but men---FORGETABOUTIT!!!!

 We had her 4 years and went to England. Jerry's mom took her and she was good for them. Every year when we came back to the States -- for six years -- Mitzi followed Dave around like she couldn't get enough of him.

She was -- as far as we could figure -- about 15 when she died.

And she lived long enough to see Dave one more time.

We had Killer -- an almost 2 pound Yorkie male -- and Mandy -- an almost 12 pound Yorkie --  and they were just like Mitzi.---

Furry People!!

More about our EXTENDED FAMILY later, Linda