Saturday, March 1, 2014

Me and Pea Soup

Memories!! Tonight Jerry and I went to Carl's Jr. to have hamburgers with our friends Dwayne and Charlene

Charlene asked me if we had ever had pea soup with Mr. and Mrs. Moore. 

That reminded me of the first time I ever had split pea soup--well, I didn't have pea soup. NOT ME!!!

I looked at that bowl in front of my mom and said to myself, "There is NO WAY I am gonna put that GREEN GRASS in MY mouth!!


And then I grew up and became a person of discernment. I decided to, at the VERY  least, TRY pea soup.

And as everyone knows------I had to eat my words.

So I looked to heaven and said, "Sorry Mom. You were right. It is wonderful"

I still like it and have some weeks that I make a big pot of pea soup and eat it all myself.

It just goes to show that parents know what's good all along---it just takes the kids a little while to figure it out.

More later, Linda