Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I've got so much to say

I am not gonna be rambling today I really have something to say.

It's gonna snow again. Friday or Saturday. I am about sick of snow. And, sorry people who live farther East and North, I really am tired of staying in the house and watching the same old movies EVERY week.

I don't like to have to wrap Sarah into a towel to let the snow that has accumulated in her hair, melt!!

I mean really!!! The hair freezes together and makes for a really hard comb out for her, so I just wrap her in that towel and let it melt into the fabric. So much easier on both of us.

Now, this is what I really have to say.

What happens when it gets to be 120 at our house again this next summer?? So I have the right to complain about the heat?? Or should I just remember that I have spent most of this snowy season complaining about the cold?

Most of the time in Oklahoma, it's not too cold or too hot. But then we have those winters and summers that are extreme.

Another thought!! The melting snow is gonna be extreme this year. What's that gonna do for the Mississippi River?

Is it gonna flood New Orleans, again??

They will have enough time to prepare for the low lying areas being inundated with water.  What are they gonna do?

And what about the farmland up river from New Orleans? that's gonna be flooded too. The prices of veggies are going up because of the cold in Florida and the drought in California.

We're planting a garden.. But what about the families that don't have enough ground to put in a garden?? Are they gonna pay what the veggies cost?  I am just wondering.