Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snow in LA? Yes

Back in whatever year it was, there was snow in Los Angeles. I was there. We had a SNOW day in LA!

Of course the North Eastern parts of the US are having a LOT of snow days this year and I suppose that's what has me thinking about being out of school for a whole day and it wasn't EVEN summer vacation!!

Brother Phil and I got up and made a snowman. We put rocks for eyes and a carrot nose. Phil got his sailor hat and put on him and we put twigs for his arms.

And he melted by the time we had dinner.


That was in the 40's -- had to have been because we went to Dallas in 1951.

YEARS later -- like in 1973 -- Jerry took time to go through training to work in the field operations of Halliburton Services. His first assignment was England. We found ourselves in Great Yarmouth. On the East coast. Home of David Copperfield. The writer of Black Beauty. and the starting off place for some of the Pilgrims.

And other Americans who were waiting for their assignments to other countries. I remember lots of  people. But there was one man who remembered the snow in LA too.

Harold Porter and his family were in Yarmouth with us. And one night, after it snowed, they came to our house for supper and a sit around the fire.

He begins to tell us about when he was in the Navy.  A young seaman who was gonna get to spend some time in LA.  But -- it SNOWED in LA and he didn't get to go for as many days as he thought.

"I remember that I said" rather proud of myself because we had something in common.

Well,, he looked at me like I was crazy.

"We didn't have to go to school that day." I said. " Think I was in third grade."

Needles to say, Harold was very unhappy. It made him feel old, because he had small children and some that were about to make him grandpa.

All I could do was apologize to him.

I really DIDN'T want to hurt his feelings.


More later, Linda