Sunday, March 2, 2014

I was a real mouthy kid!!

We were just watching a movie about china town in San Francisco. That brought my thoughts back to LA. And THAT brought my thoughts to when we would go downtown to Graumann's Chinese Theater and the suppers we would have before going to the theater. 

One night I saw this really nice looking soup at a table next to us. A cute little mug-cup or whatever it was. A really cute little spoon and clear liquid and 3 peas in the bottom of the cup. I asked for some of that soup.

It was so good. Warm with a chicken flavor. I have learned how to make egg drop soup. And I make a killer chilli.

But I've never tried to make that soup. Probably because the name just didn't sit well. 

Of course, by this time, my dad knew not to tell me the name until I was finished and then he left the bomb fall. 


Do you know what is ON a bird's nest?? Well, you sure don't want to put that in your mouth. 




And then he said -- but you liked it didn't you. You said you did. 

And I did like it--- I had said so---and it didn't make me sick. So, why haven't I made any bird' nest soup??

You wanna know why??

I really don't want to climb those trees to get the nests!!

Well, it sounds like a good excuse to me!!

More later, Linda