Friday, March 21, 2014

Hair and Oklahoma

I may be old and cranky
And have to carry a hanky
          because of the pollen
That comes in the skanky
Spring!! Makes my hair lanky

And it won't stay put at all
Not like in the fall
        when the wind doesn't blow
Well, we do live in OK after all
So it doesn't bother at all?? AT ALL!!

I put on the hair spray and the mousse
I back comb and tease- hair is too loose
        This time of year there is only one certain
And that is that hair is  GONNA look worse

Than at any other part of the year.
Summer is HOT and sticky--oh DEAR!!!
        hair just is hot and grungy!!
Winter is bad I have to cheer
Because hair stays put. CHEER-CHEER-CHEER!!!