Sunday, February 23, 2014

Confessions again!!

Remember when you were a kid and did something that you only remember when you get a lot older??

Remember how that just sticks with you and you don't know what to do about it?

Well, there was a lady who paid back $100 bill because she took a chocolate milk from the milk tray at school and didn't pay for it. That's wonderful.

I never did that.

I did take some chalk one time so I could chalk in a hop scotch at home. I never paid for that and don't remember which school it was. I only went to 26 from kindergarten through high school..

I remember loosing things and telling Jerry that I knew right where they were. Then I got smart and realized that those things were his and not mine. So he should have been taking care of them.  Our dresser had a very squatty drawer at the top space and so I put all his things that I found in that drawer---all those screws, screwdrivers, small tools, pins, notes, books, marbles, soap stone all went in to drawer. Problem solved.

I remember -- from yesterday -- trying to incorporate new veggies into his diet and he didn't like them.  So, no new veggies for him. Maybe if I cook them with cheese and garlic and all that good stuff he will eventually at least try them.

I really didn't do big things wrong. But does that matter?

If it bothers me, than I need to tell someone about it.

More later, Linda