Thursday, February 13, 2014

I noticed!!

Looking over the blog site and checking on the countries that have found my blog, I am amazed at the diversity of people who like this little blog from Oklahoma.

First of all, I know that the blogs are funny and a little crazy. But that is my intention. I like to make people laugh. Maybe that's why Malaysia likes the blog. It's easy to learn American English that way.

Second, I know that it helps me. I AM and old lady and it helps me to have something to think about. I find myself taking pictures ALL the time. And then finding stories to put with those pictures. But most of the time the story comes first and then I have to find the pictures. The stories I like the most are the ones that come in a flash when I see a picture and the words just run across my mind full blown and in color.

Does that sound scary or WHAT???

As I was putting this on paper I remembered a nightmare I had once, thank GOD!!

Once was enough!!

I had been reading a book that was about a murder. And in the book -- as far as I got -- the police had been called. ( one thing I have learned is that I can NEVER read or watch ANYTHING scary before I go to bed. "Willie Wonka -- the first one -- scared me spit less).

So, I put the book down -- actually I threw it to the floor -- and turned out the light. And then I had this dream about the book --

The policeman came into the house and as he looked around the room the walls took on color and the chairs and the carpets. And then when he went into the bedroom the curtains were gently blowing and the lamp shade turned a beautiful pink.

The italics are to let you know that I was dreaming this.

I could feel the evil -- whatever it was.

I woke up screaming, the sheets tangled around me and the dogs going berserk!!

Never again I told myself would I read or watch anything scary.

So for me to see the words as I am thinking about a new blog is not scary??

That doesn't make sense.

But It works for me.

More later, Linda