Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jerry has three houses!!

I don't know about everyone else but when there is no one but us in the house to eat--we sit and watch the TV!

I know that all the experts tell us that this is a no-no.

Well, at OUR house its a YES-YES-YES!!!

Jerry also gets very cold when the AC comes on as his red recliner is very close to the vent. So, of course, it blows right on him. 

I made the comment that he needed to change his new recliner for the old recliner that was his dads. And he liked the idea. That way he wouldn't get too cold or too hot when and if we have to turn on the heat.

This is the recliner he got that was his dad's. They bought it in 1975. I don't really think that recliners will last that long anymore. I put the Navajo blanket on it because it reminds me of the time we spent in New Mexico and because it helps to keep the upholstery clean.

The only thing we didn't think about was all the THINGS that Jerry was around his home inside a home.

Like his house shoes.

Or, his salt and pepper shakers!!

or what about all of his snacks!!

Like I said--it's his home inside his home.

He's so cute when he reaches right over and gets his salt shaker and then another time when he picks that mixed nuts box up off the floor and gets a handful.

He's right at home!!

This is the one we bought because the red one was not working--there was something wrong with the mechanism used to put up the foot thingie.

So we bought this new one. Jerry moved the red one out from the wall and put in the new one. Sat down in the new one and got up and sat in his dad's chair. \


We both laughed.

We went all the way to OKC to get the new chair and really didn't need it. But that's OK!

It's paid for and he really likes it because its' so comfy.

The move has FINALLY been completed!

He has ALL his things around him and sometimes -- yes -- he does sit in his dad's old chair just because.

More Later, Linda