Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm having one of those days!

You KNOW what I'm talking about. One of those days that's kinda lazy, but needs to be productive.

One of those days that a nap sounds REALLY good and you can't go to sleep for NOTHING!!

Jerry and Sarah are both in the other room snoring away and I on the other hand can't sleep. I'm waiting for a friend to come by and get her samples and books as she goes on her way to Chickasha.

Some of the towns and cities in Oklahoma are VERY difficult to spell.

We have a Nowatta, and a Nowalla, there is a Sayre and a Burns Flat, there is a Agawam and a Alex. and then we have the really difficult ones like , Gene Autry and Cache, or Lawton-Fort Sill, or Alma then there's Alva and so many more.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Oklahoma.

And the song is so true----the wind DOES come sweeping down the plains. And the wheat grows so pretty in Western Oklahoma. Mustangs in the Arbuckle mountains, which are the oldest mountains in the country.

Then we have Meers, which is just a eating place now, but at one time was a mining town. It now houses one of the major seismic readers in the country. If it weren't for the fact that Oklahoma is in the middle of the country, we would have to worry about the state being split into two pieces. Worse than in California.

It's kinds funny the things that go on in Oklahoma. We were the first place for parking meters----and fiber optic lines. We had the first drive in eating places and the first chicken eatery that served the chicken on paper and called the place Chicken in the Rough.

We still have the longest strip of old Route 66 and we have the largest citizens of American Indian descent in Oklahoma.

It's kinda funny----but really great!

More later, Linda