Friday, May 6, 2016

Computer trouble

Telling it like it is. It's been raining cats and dogs. The grass --or in our yard, the weeds--are green. The Iris have bloomed and been destroyed by the rain. The Day Lillies are getting ready to bloom and there are bunnies eating the weeds!!  


There is ALWAYS lots of wonderful things happening even in the midst of not so good things. Jerry is down to 149 pounds, but he is eating more now. He's coughing more because he's allergic to grass and its Spring and what happens in Spring?  The grass grows and needs to be cut. Making Jerry cough up buckets of phlegm. 


The upside is that he brings me roses off the bushes. Iris from the bunches. He smiles and has as good a time as he can. He watches the birds and keeps their feeders full along with the bird bath filled with water.  

God is soooo good!!!