Monday, February 15, 2016


Jerry worked International for 24 years. His or rather our first assignment was in England.  Right on the East coast of the Country in a city call Great Yarmouth. The city where David Copperfield and Black Beauty lived. The city where the Pilgrims set sail to come to America. A walled city that swelled to three times its size in the summer as it is a holiday place. Lynn met a man who had been coming to Yarmouth for 50 years I believe she said. Every year to the same bed and breakfast. 
We found a bungalow in a quiet area. A small house with a large road. One bedroom downstairs and two upstairs. And a church right next door. With a cemetery on the grounds. 
To get to the bus stop you had to go down the path - the unlit path - right next to the graves. Ok in the daylight but the kids walked it on Friday and Saturday night. Movies and bowling!!! And that wonderful mussaka.  Sometimes in the summer it took the bus an hour to get over the draw bridge because of all the traffic. Two lanes and 3 times the traffic battling with a draw bridge. Most of the time in the summer I'd take the kids to Norwich (pronounced nor itch). It was so much quicker. 
We loved it. I told Jerry once if I ever ran away don't look for me in Yarmouth because he'd probably find me. 
More later