Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I haven't had a nightmare in years. In fact I think the last one was when Lance told us the plot of a movie he had seen. 
During the night I woke up screaming!!

Lance was one of the high school
students in the commercial art class I took for 4 years. Loved it!! And the "us" would be my friend Linda. The art class called us " the Linda's".  

Back to nightmares--I had them all the time as a kid. When we finally got TV--that new thing on the market- dad wouldn't let me watch some things because of the nightmares. 

Once I dreamed that a man in a trench coat with a hat on with the brim pulled low over his eyes was following me. So I made a big fist and turned around to knock him out quicker than a roadrunner can run.  Then I starting saying " it's Jerry. I know it is! I can't hit him. He's my husband." But hit him I did. 

Woke him up when I popped him in the nose. I told him he had a bad dream and to go back to sleep. 

I've never told him the real reason he woke up. 

I had nightmares after taking the kids to see Willie Wonka with Gene Wilder!!  That was scary to me. 

All my nightmares are in color. 

Why am I blogging this?  I don't know,I think it's just important for me to get all these memories out.