Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sarah's trip to "Alaska"

Yesterday I sorta mentioned that Sarah liked being in the snow.  Well she does ---unless it's a
 l-o-n-g ,
 l-o-n-g trip. 

Pictures to prove it. It looks dark and dreary mother.  That's what I think she told me. She just looked at me and crossed her legs.  It was really time to GO.

Well, OK. This is just like Waska you know.  Sarah really doesn't know much. She meant Alaska. But that's way far north and west of Oklahoma..  Even though it could possibly be Waska,
of course she is trudging through the snow--butr she has her coat on..
Don't pay any attention to the sidewalk at the bottom middle of the picture. She told me herself that she was on the road to Alaska. Road at the top of the picture, driveway at the right side.  Doesn't look like Alaska to me.

Back in the backyard with the AC unit ad the green house and the bbq pit.

Oh! I'm home. No more traveling for me.