Monday, May 28, 2012

Sarah and Jerry

Some times things happen for the strangest reasons.  We lost our last Yorkie in June of 2008. Jerry retired and got busy.  Things rocked on until The SECOND snow of 2010. 

He started talking about getting another Yorkie.

Are you Crazy--i said rather loudly.
Do you realize we will be in our mid eighties when it goes on to play in heaven with Mandy and Georgie and Bo, Radar and Killer. They were all Yorkies too.  We have this thing about Yorkies.

 Did you guess that?

Well anyway
Now it's 2012 and we had snow again. 

Notice they both have on coats. I had to get loud to get that done. Neither one of them like coats.

That's our green house behind Jerry.  It has everything but green things in it. No ventilation. 

And if you are wondering,  YES i took it out the kitchen window. 

It was cold out there.

More later, Linda