Friday, January 2, 2015

The gardener and the animals.

At school the year we lived in the castle as Phil and I called it, our school had a gardener and he let me help him plant the new flowers.

Our mom was sick - very sick - and I just remember how soothing it was to put those plants in the ground, cover the roots with soil, press the soil around those roots and then to let the water run down into the soil and surround the roots with dirt. Such a simple thing. But a soothing one. He even gave me some to bring home. Mom got to see them when they bloomed. 

We also one day had a petting zoo come to our school. Chickens with their chicks. Like pigs and sheep. Some calves. That's all I remember. Except. I remember petting all of them. I don't think anyone else did. Jerry tested up when I told him. I had this wonderful afternoon petting animals but he lived on a farm and had those cuties around all the time. 

Kids are kinda deprived these days. No animals, no gardener, no monkey bars or dodge ball. 

I feel for them. 

Later, Linda