Friday, April 25, 2014

Sarah is on a diet

Sarah is really a furry person!! She's on a diet. She weights 17 pounds!!  Two pounds need to come off. 

We walked in the yard for 30 minutes today. I saw the squirrels, and the Road Runner. I've decided to name him yunnyunn. 

We fed the birds and filled bird feeders. 

And then I put Sarah's food in her bowl. 

She took one look and raised her head and stalked off. 

We had lunch, and I got that LOOK. You know the one .

The look that could do permanent damage to my person!!

I put some water in her bowl and she ate her food. 

It's now 3.43 and she's hungry. Wanna know how I know???

This is how !!! A picture speaks a thousand words. !!!