Thursday, April 24, 2014

I cannot find it

Somewhere Jerry found a tape dispenser without a spindle.  Is that what you call the thingie that holds the tape in and spins around when you take the tape off the tape thngie.

Anyway, I don't know the names for these things and now I am looking up to see if anyone has for sale one of the thingies that go into the dispenser that you put the tape on.

Need I tell you that my husband would be a hoarder if I let him???

I had to get really tough with him about what he wants to keep.  He even tries to keep USED paper towels.  REALLY??

Yes, really!!!

We have shirts that are completely shot.  The collars are so worn out that before long they will be a mandarin collar. No joke.

And ANY old sock he keeps so that he will have something to dust the car with. It doesn't matter that he has BUCKETS of sox's with holes in them.  He might need that one I just threw into the trash.

I've gotten to where I put things into the compactor and scrape the plates empty onto the contraband that I am trying to keep him from finding.

Se la vie!!!

More later, Linda