Friday, June 12, 2015

Iced Coffee

In my family before mom passed we had a lot of fun. And sometimes I was a little MOUTHY!!

Actually, I was a LOT mouthy. I guess I still am but now I'm assertive not mouthy. 

And all through those 9 years mom put up with me. I don't remember her ever getting mad when I was mouthy. 

I do remember that she was a voracious reader. She always had a book in her hand. Or two or three others she was reading. 

I'd go up to where she was reading, she would pull me close, put her arm around me, pat my back and read until she got to a stopping point. Then she would put a book mark in her book, look at me and answer my questions or put a bandaid on my owie. We both gained a lot from those times. 

I hope I did the same for my kids. Love you two to the moon and back. 

So, one time I ran outside or came up from a friends house and mom had a glass with coffee, ice and milk in it. 

My observation was, "ooo, that's not goooood!! ".

And mom said," when you get older you will LOVE this. And she was right!!"

I love it in the summer. Thanks mom!!!