Monday, May 25, 2015

Daylight's Burning!!

It's 7.17 in the a.m. and Sara is still asleep. 

And so is Jerry!! 

And that means it's cloudy today!!  

Yep!! It's supposed to rain again. 
I remember years when it rained like this in May!!  Jerry would come home from Libya or Tunisia or Nigeria or where ever and the grass would be more than ankle deep and I'd get that LOOK. 

Ladies you know which one I'm talking about!!

But his rule was -- wait three days to mow after it rained so the mower wouldn't get water and wet grass in it. 

So I would wait and sometimes in the '80s and '90s it rained every day for all of May!! 

Then it quit that so much and I could mow more often. 

I like to mow. No phone-wind in my hair-and it's not too hot.