Tuesday, March 17, 2015


My granddaughter called our Lynn today and told her we needed to go see Cinderella. I remember the Disney one from when it first came out.  That was when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and Cinderella was animated..

There have been several Cinderellas----Drew Barrymore in EverAfter----Gemma and I don't remember her last name was Cinderella in the 70's----Richard Chamberland was the Prince sometime in the 60's ---and I am sure I have missed some of the versions.  Yes, Hillary Duff and that wonderful comedienne in Legally Blonde..  The nail tech.

None of them had singing birds---blue birds----or mice that helped make her dress---or that cute little white haired god mother as did the Disney Cinderella..

Only time will tell if this one is as good as the one I remember.

Then there is the fact that I have rented all the others a jillion times because I like them so much.!!!!!

More later, Linda