Tuesday, March 15, 2011

life in the fast lane

 When I was a kid living in and around Los Angeles the fast lane went about 45 miles per hour> I believe that the median speed on those freeways are about 75. Might be wrong but that's what I have been told. 

Now with the recent earthquake in Japan, I wonder about family in the same area. Did they have any repercussions from the tsunami? Are they worrying about the San Andreas fault line? In suppose I have to remember that the phonelines cross into California now and give them a call.

Some damage to Santa Monica I saw on TV. Had to chuckle a little bit remembering sunny summer days trying to swim in those cold waters. How the sand would creep into my bathing suit and really scratch, can't you just see it? A plump little blonde with pig tails pulling at her suit to get the sand out of her crotch?

Best memory is the food. Mom always brought hard boiled eggs. Not a thing wrong with them. The yolk would clog up in my throat and I couldn't breath.  So, I got the most brilliant idea a 5 year old ever had! I buried them in the sand! No one ever mentioned anything about those egg yolks.

 When my kids came along and did something like that I had a major epiphany! Kids have the need to have some control of their lives. Letting a child have some choices is ok. Lettin g them find a solutiion to their problems is ok too! That problem solving I did in Santa Monica beach has helped me up to now.
Have a great day!