Tuesday, April 14, 2015


For the last two weeks we have been in and out of hospital with Jerry. But I have a feeling he's doing better. PTL!!!

Our Daughter and our Son. They have been so helpful. Our Lynn lives in the same town as us so the burden of 
visiting, providing food, going to store and pharmacy has fallen onto her. But Dave has called every day to just keep up with what's been going on. Both of them showing how much they love their dad. 

Yesterday was our 55 anniversary, Jerry had a procedure to help and it has changed him a lot. He actually is not hurting or depressed. 
I remember two other times we weren't together. Our first he went fishing. I was very upset. A new baby, and he went fishing. But he made up for forgetting over and over. And the other was when we were in Tunisia and we had planned to go away for overnight anyway. But one of the offshore rigs asked for him. He went and I went out to eat with friends. The boss and his family came in to eat and H. O. Backed out of the door. He came and apologized. But life is life and we had our days away.  

This is Dave's furry persons house. It's 6 feet tall. Well Baby Girl is a Great Dane so she needs a big house. Last night when Dave called he told us about the squirrell.

Oops!! This is Bella. Our Lynn and Keith's furry person!! 

Let's find a picture of Baby Girl!! W

This is Baby Girl!!  
We have to put Bella in Sarah's house so she won't get into trouble. 

She may be small but she's got a big voice.

Baby Girl killed a squirrell yesterday. By the time Dave got home she had flattened it but she didn't bury it. She left it in her bed in her new house. 

Furry People are as strange as we are!